Precision machining, watches ' parts

Our company is specialized in precision machining super hard materials, synthetic ruby, sapphire, artificial white corundum, glass, microlite glass, ferroxcube zirconia and natural agate parts for quartz watches and precision instruments with decades of high-precision automatic lathes imported from Switzerland and, besides, packaged universal cutting-tool grinder, template copying lathe, cam scraping machine, cam slotter and cam in large batches machine the metal parts, main products of which are watches' incablocs and watches' parts etc.

The product varieties are the common-watch incablocs, woman watches' incablocs and thin-watch incablocs and those made upon the customers'requirements.

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Product introduction

bearing for meter, instrument or jewel

Property introduction

Jewel bearing, synthetic white corundum, ruby, sapphire, glass, microlite glass, ferroxcube zirconia, natural agate etc precious stone bearing can be suitable for meter and instrumentation industries, customizing is available to order.

Artificial white of the precious stone bearings just jade, ruby, blue precious stone, glass, microlite glass, sign the square to oxidize the precious stone bearingses, such as Zirconium and natural agate...etc., be applicable to the instrument appearance etc. profession. The concrete size can make to order.


Wide variety of micro magnet