Precise Micro Magnets

The department that deals with the cutting of is equipped to cut very small squares with sections up to 0.50 mm. ?.50 mm with a precision of ?.05 mm and very big diameters such as the disks for watch-glass up to a diameter of 45mm.

The department "verifiage" (planar rectification) guarantees flat grinding with parallel sides of all the products we work on such as Rare earth Magnet, synthetic Corundum (ruby and sapphires), all types of ceramics and hard metal.

The tolerance margins we guarantee are normally ±0.01 mm. but in some particular cases we are able to go down to ±0.005 mm.

One of our strongest points is the centreless grinding of extra hard materials with a diameter from 0.10 mm. up to 40mm. with a tolerance margin that can reach a precision of up to ±0.001 mm. Our micro magnets for cylinders with tiny hole or without hole are appreciated by our customers for their quality and regularity.

The machines we use allow us to work both with a static shaping process and with a continuous flow technique according to the sizes required. Our working tools are diamond grinding wheel of different types and grain according to the piece and to the work to carry out, and the roughness of the surfaces are comprised between Ra of 0.2μ and 0.5μ.