Watches' gem-bearings

The main products are Watches'gem-bearings,instruments'gem-bearings.

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Product introduction

outer dia. 0.5--10.0 mm
hole dia. 0.004--3.0 mm
thickness 0.2--4.0 mm


Rotor magnet used for quartz watch or electrical meter counting step motor

Property introduction
SmCo/ NdFeB / Ferrite size
1.0?.0mm +/-0.01ID0.2?.0mm+/-0.010.2?.0mm+/-0.01

We are specialized in precision machining of super hard materials, esp. in micro-appliances including deep-hole thin wall ring magnet elements, enjoying a high competitiveness within market both at home and abroad. The specific shape and size can be available by producing according to different drawing designs from customers. The hole/(OD-ID)can be drilled to within a range of 0.1mm~3mm at our end. The various magnet can be widely used to make into super hard micro magnetic precision parts for timekeeper, micro-motor, optical communication electronics, electroacoustics, digital camera etc.SmCo magnet is a kind of permanent magnet mainly made of RE samarium, metal Cobalt and other elements. It features high energy product, very low temperature coefficient, and a relatively stable magnetic property under high temperature(with max temperature up to 350℃). Besides, with strong anti-corrosion resistance, generally it doesn’t need any electroplating at all, it can widely applied in motor, meter, sensor, radar, magnetic drive and other high-tech areas.


Wide variety of micro magnet