Deep-hole thin wall ring SmCo magnet

Size: OD 0.8~10.0 mm ?0.005 

Dia of hole: 0.3~3.0 mm ?0.015
Length: 0.3~10.0mm ?0.01 

Thickness: =0.15mm

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Product introduction
High-temp resistant ring magnet for mobile phone, vibration motor.

It is applicable for mobile phone, vibration motor featuring high-temp resistance, with high-temp resistant and corosion resistant Sm2Co17 as raw material, can be tooled according to customers’s drawings, have been applied to many famous brands of mobile phones based on a batch quantity.

Schematic diagram


Dimension range and tolerances
ItemODIDHMagnetizing direction
Dimension rangeφ2.0—φ3.0φ1.2—φ2.03.0—6.0Diametrical
Ultimate tolerance±0.005—±0.03+0.01—+0.06±0.01—±0.05±1°

Typical dimension series


Applicable for mobile phone, vibrator.

Property introduction

We are specialized in precision machining of super hard materials, esp. in micro-appliances including deep-hole thin wall ring magnet elements, enjoying a high competitiveness within market both at home and abroad.The specific shape and size can be available by producing according to different drawing designs from customers. The various magnet can be widely used to make into super hard micro magnetic precision parts for timekeeper, micro-motor, optical communication electronics, electroacoustics, digital camera etc.SmCo magnet is a kind of permanent magnet mainly made of RE samarium, metal Cobalt and other elements.It features high energy product, very low temperature coefficient, and a relatively stable magnetic property under high temperature(with max temperature up to 350°C). Besides, with strong anti-corrosion resistance, generally it doesn’t need any electroplating at all, it can widely applied in motor, meter, sensor, radar, magnetic drive and other high-tech areas.

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